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关于我们 / About Us

关于Green Valley金庭马术中心 (以下简称GVRC)

  • 上海目前唯一一家位于市区内的马术运动场所 (位于虹桥枢纽,近上海动物园,市区30分钟之内可到达)

  • 全上海唯一引进荷兰马术培训课程的马术中心。

  • 全上海唯一一家以盛装舞步为教学主旨的专业马术中心。

  • GVRC提供获得荷兰马术协会的认可的专业马术认证课程,共涵盖10个阶段。

  • 每阶段课程学习结束后,学员都会有机会获得由GVRC及荷兰Manege & Ruiter Bond马术协会(以下简称为MRB)共同颁发的认证证书,不仅可为专业学习留下凭证,此证书还可为作为高中生申请国外知名大学的加分利器。

  • 引进荷兰专业马房管理与马匹训练系统(提供五星级的马匹照料与马主服务)。


About Green Valley Riding Club (hereafter to be shortened to GVRC)

  • GVRC is the only riding ranch within Shanghai Puxi.( The ranch is located in Hongqiao close to the Shanghai Zoo, which is a 30 minute drive from anywhere in the city)

  • GVRC is the only riding school that imports a certificated Dutch horse riding system into Shanghai.

  • GVRC is the only professional riding school taking dressage as the main syllabus in Shanghai.

  • GVRC offers professional horse riding certification courses. This curriculum covers a total of ten stages and is recognized by the Dutch Equestrian Association.

  • Students will have the opportunity to obtain the certification issued jointly by the GVRC and Manege & Ruiter Bond (hereafter to be shortened to MRB) after completing each stage. Along with horse riding professional development, this certification carries additional benefits including application leverage for students applying to well-known overseas universities.

  • GVRC operates on the Dutch professional saddle management and horse training system to provide five-star fostering services to private horses and owners.


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